Will start blogging about gamedev

I’ve been wanting to get into gamedev for a while now, but it’s always a pain to stay consistent. I just recently started to get into it again, and this time I’m trying to actually do stuff.

So, the plan is to blog about my progress and clone some simple games just to get started. I’m thinking on sticking with Godot just because I like that it’s open source, it’s getting better and better overtime (big rewrite happening right now) and I already like how the engine works. Specifically I’ll start using Godot 4 even though it’s not done yet, to get used to the new features, specifically pumped for GDScript 2.0. Actually… (for the small clones/ripoffs) I’ll need to use Godot 3.X (probably 3.5), as Godot 4 doesn’t have support to export to webassembly (HTML5) yet, and I want that to publish to itch.io and my website. I’ll continue to use Godot 4 for bigger projects, as they will take longer and I hope that by the time I need to publish, there’s no issues to export.

For a moment I almost started a new subdomain just for gamedev stuff, but decided to just use a different directory for subtleness; this directory and use of tags should be enough. I’ll be posting the entry about the first rip-off I’m developing (FlappyBird L O L) shortly.

Update: Godot 4 already released and it now has HTML5 support, so back to the original plan.

By David Luévano

Created: Tue, May 17, 2022 @ 05:19 UTC

Modified: Fri, May 05, 2023 @ 08:37 UTC