Updated the how-to entries titles

One of the main reasons I started “blogging” was basically just to document how I set up stuff up so I can reference them later in the future if I ever needed to replicate the steps or just to show somebody, and these entries had helped to do so multiple times. I’ll keep creating these entries but after a while the Creating a title started to feel weird, because we’re not creating anything really, it is just a set up/configuration/how-to/etc. So I think that using Set up a for the titles is better and makes more sense; probably using How to set up a is better for the SEO bullshit.

Anyways, so I’ll start using Set up a instead of Creating a and will retroactively change the titles for these entries (by this entry the change should be applied already). This might impact some RSS feeds as they keep up a cache of the feed and might duplicate the entries, heads up if for some reason somebody is using it.

By David Luévano

Created: Sat, Jun 03, 2023 @ 03:46 UTC