Updated pyssg to include pymdvar and the website

Again, I’ve updated pyssg to add a bit of unit-testing as well as to include my extension pymdvar which is used to convert ${some_variables} into their respective values based on a config file and/or environment variables. With this I also updated a bit of the CSS of the site as well as basically all the entries and base templates, a much needed update (for me, because externally doesn’t look like much). Along with this I also added a “return to top” button, once you scroll enough on the site, a new button appears on the bottom right to get back to the top, also added table of contents to entries taht could use them (as well as a bit of CSS to them).

This update took a long time because I had a fundamental issue with how I was managing the “static” website, where I host all assets such as CSS, JS, images, etc.. Because I was using the <base> HTML tag. The issue is that this tag affects everything and there is no “opt-out” on some body tags, meaning that I would have to write the whole URL for all static assets. So I tried looking into changing how the image extension for python-markdown works, so that it includes this “base” URL I needed. But it was too much hassle, so I ended up developing my own extension mentioned earlier. Just as a side note, I noticed that my extension doesn’t cover all my needs, so probably it wont cover yours, if you end up using it just test it out a bit yourself and then go ahead, PRs are welcomed.

One thing led to another so I ended up changing a lot of stuff, and with changes comes tireness and eded up leaving the project for a while (again). This also led to not wanting to write or add anything else to the site until I sorted things out. But I’m again reviving it I guess, and up to the next cycle.

The next things I’ll be doing are continuing with my @gamedev journey and probably upload some drawings if I feel like doing some.

By David Luévano

Created: Sat, May 06, 2023 @ 12:39 UTC